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The EXchange Hotel

The latest from Executive Hotels & Resorts, this landmark hotel is the former home of the original Vancouver Stock EXchange. The historic building has hosted creative minds and distinguished individuals for nearly a century, and has become established as an intersection of culture, hospitality and style in the heart of downtown Vancouver.

The EXchange Hotel is history reimagined with its custom-designed, handcrafted furnishings, large format marble bathrooms and rotating collection of 20th century artwork. Every room in The EXchange features luxury amenities, imported luxury linens, exquisite artwork and luxurious products from L’Occitane. Executive Rewards Club members will have private VIP access to the Dividend lounge, equipped with its own private keyed off floor, a pantry with complimentary snacks, beverages, beer and wine, and a small lounge.

The EXchange Hotel introduces Hydra Estiatorio Mediterranean & Bar, a Mediterranean-inspired restaurant with fresh seafood, grilled meats and lush vegetables, with an engaging lively 40-foot cocktail bar. Also available to engage your senses are social spots, Hydra Bar and The Den at Hydra in our lobby. The EXchange delivers an exceptional guest experience. Centrally located within the financial and luxury shopping districts, while adjacent to the waterfront convention center neighborhood, EXchange Hotel guests have access to the very best of downtown Vancouver.

Vancouver’s first LEED Platinum Heritage Conversion

When the EXchange Hotel was imagined, the health of our environment was top of mind. That is how we ended up building Canada’s first LEED Platinum rated hotel; the Highest environmental rating achievable. This was at no small cost but as we all know, its definitely worth it. A key feature of our environmentally friendly building initiative is the ceiling hung radiant heating/cooling panels which operate on super energy efficient water coils and deliver almost immediate comfort and temperature results as compared to traditional hotel forced air systems. Although these ceiling panels don’t look like traditional hotel ceilings, this technology of the future is making for a greener, cleaner environment.

The first heritage conversion in Vancouver to receive LEED Platinum certification, the Exchange Building employs storm water retention and reuse, as well as highly efficient hydronic heating and cooling, integrated geo-exchange thermal regulators, solar thermal panels, triple-glazed curtain wall envelope and solar shade louvres. The LEED Platinum status of the building contributes to a 35% reduction in energy costs, 50% reduction in energy consumption, as well as an 85% reduction in Carbon Dioxide emissions. Other passive technologies include a raised floor plenum to distribute fresh air throughout the building. Triple-glazed windows have low-E coating, and a graduated frit, decreasing solar gain by 83%.


The Old Stock EXchange Building, first opened in 1929, made striking use of a variety of materials and was an eclectic approach to architecture common in the Edwardian era. The original structure was conceived by Townley, Matheson & Partners (1919-1974), a major Vancouver architectural firm throughout most of the 20th century. The partnership created over 1100 designs, most notably Vancouver City Hall and The Vancouver Stock EXchange.



The original Stock EXchange Building is an iconic structure reflective of rich history and success, having since become one of Vancouver's largest and most exciting heritage restoration projects. A collaborative architectural masterpiece between Switzerland-based Harry Gruger Architects and Vancouver-based Iredale Architecture, the building's Pinstripe Principle defines The EXchange Hotel.



Decorating the EXchange Hotel’s lobby and skywalk walls is an impressive rotating collection of iconic art. Focusing on European and North American emerging artists, the world-class works on display are constantly changing, ensuring guests never have the same experience twice.



The newest development and addition to Executive Hotel & Resorts is located in a bustling yet refined neighborhood alive with innovation and culture. Influenced by the convergence of the luxury shopping, business and financial districts, the inclusion of heritage and cultural icons to the area only adds to the neighborhood’s unique charm. Located directly across the street from Cartier Jewelers’ flagship Vancouver store, and the entrance to the renowned Holt Renfrew luxury department store, EXchange offers our guests exclusive access and convenience to all of Vancouver finest attractions.